204 - Adding images or banners to signatures

204 - Adding images or banners to signatures

Design an astonishing signature and capture all audicence attention, with Zumpul you can include images to boost a campaig, promotion, generate traffic to your website or promote your event.

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      Zumpul help your business to add powerful marketing messages or compliance messages on your email signatures, you can do this by rich text signatures adding images such as: - Banners, Logos, Social Icons, Profile Pictures, Etc Three options to add ...
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    • Is it possible to add images to the signatures?

      Of course, you can insert images in the signatures, for example: your company logo, a marketing banner, social icons with links, etc, for instructions watch this video ...
    • 104 - Adding new signatures administrator

      Zumpul is a perfect tool to run campaigns advertising, you can give access to the marketing or design people so they can collaborate creating and applying signatures ​​
    • Can I add another person that can manage the signatures?

      Yes. By default only the G Suite Superadmin that installed the app has access to it, however you can add as many people that you need to access the app to design and manage the signatures, you can find detailed steps on this tutorial:  ...