1- Module: Starting with Zumpul

1- Module: Starting with Zumpul

Through this module, we walk you through the process of installing Zumpul in your G Suite domain in order to start setting your users' signatures from a centralized control panel. We also show you how to log in and our the app.

Starting with Zumpul

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    • 5- Module: Syncing Zumpul

      Zumpul and G Suite synchronizes on a 2 way basis, any update that you apply to a user in G Suite is synced and reflected in Zumpul and viceversa, so that your users' signatures will always be up to date. ​Syncing Zumpul 501 -  Synchronizing zumpul ...
    • 4- Module: Working with users

      In Zumpul you have a powerful interface to modify a user's profile, any change that you apply in Zumpul is synced to G Suite and viceversa in order to keep the signatures with all the details updated. Working with users 401 -  Update a users profile ...
    • 2- Module: Working with Signatures

      In this module we show you how to work with signatures, you'll learn to create basic and the most advanced signatures and apply it to the entire organization or sub sets of users. Also you'll see how to schedule a signature to be applied ...
    • 501 - Synchronizing Zumpul profile from Google Directory

      Perform a synchronization on demand, take any profile updates performed in Google Directory and bring them to Zumpul to be applied in the signatures. ​​
    • 1- Zumpul G Suite Signature management Overview

      ZUMPUL is a G Suite Marketplace web application that allows you to manage and standardize your company's gmail email signatures, as well as the marketing department to place advertising messages in the mail signatures. ​